About the Community

The Schema Therapy Online Membership Community
Facilitated By: Wendy Behary and Joan Farrell
(with featured “special guest” appearances!)

We are excited to announce the launch of an exclusive online membership community about Schema Therapy. Membership will offer access to a variety of online trainings, a supervision group, interviews with leading experts and other resources.

This online community is a powerful way to stay in touch with other schema therapists around the globe, on a regular basis; to be part of the ever-growing ST community. The Schema Therapy Online Membership Community is a place to share your ideas and have all of your questions answered, by Wendy and Joan. Whether you are new to ST or an experienced schema therapist we will support your continued learning and help you to stay current on latest developments in ST…from the comfort of your home or office.

What you can expect.

Schema Therapy Supervision Group: One monthly Live 90-minute Online Supervision Group Session on topics suggested by you! You can attend LIVE or you can listen to the recording later if the date/time does not work for you. We will use ZOOM as our online platform.

Brief list of popular topics to be covered:

  • Case Conceptualization
  • Dealing with Challenging Schema Modes
  • Issues of Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  • Issues of Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Complex Couples and Relationship Conflict
  • Bypassing the Rigidity of the Detached Protector Mode
  • Use of Imagery and Re-Scripting in Treatment
  • Challenges of Avoidance / Phobias / Obsessive-Compulsive Issues
  • The Therapy Relationship
  • Self-Reflection and the Therapist’s Schemas/Modes
  • Group Schema Therapy
  • And Much More…!


One monthly LIVE 50-minute facilitated seminar on topics you want to hear more about! These seminars will be recorded so that you may listen in LIVE or listen later at your own convenience. We will use ZOOM as our online platform. Participation is welcome by writing your questions in the ZOOM comment box or writing to us ahead of time.


  • Address questions and comments from the exclusive members comment box
  • Summarize highlights from Supervision Groups, Seminar, and the Q&A Sessions
  • Keep you up to date on the latest resources
  • Offer tips and strategies for maintaining a sturdy and healthy self when dealing with our most challenging clients

Q&A Session with Wendy and Joan

Four LIVE 60-minute online sessions during the year, where you can bring your (brief) questions and vignettes, and we can practice strategies; role-play difficult moments with some of the most challenging patients. Days/Times may vary so that everyone has a chance to participate


4 recorded 60-minute interviews per year with other leading schema therapy experts, that you can access at your convenience.

Professional Resources

Access to books, articles, and podcasts, as well as recommendations to trusted schema therapists and schema therapy supervisors worldwide.

The Schema Therapy Online Membership Community (STOMC) is not designed to replace Schema Therapy Certification training, which is a requirement for anyone who wants to practice ST in clinical or professional settings. It is intended to provide up-to-date content to support your ST learning and practice, whether you are a beginner or advanced clinician.
Memberships plans are available for individual use only. They are not intended for shared use or to be viewed in group settings or for teaching or training.

We look forward to seeing you online and we thank you in advance for joining us.

Fees and payment

NEW REDUCED FEE – Starting September 1, 2022

Member Subscription is $27.95 per month.

(BONUS: Bring a new member into the Community, and we will give you 1 month FREE!)